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What Do You Need to Know about uPVC Roofing in the Philippines?


Nowadays, construction companies have been using new and useful roofing materials for their desirable purposes, and not only for their physical appearance. One of these quality roofing materials is what we call “uPVC” or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. However, out of all the new types of roofing materials available on the market, one of the least understood is the uPVC roofing. Apart from that, the majority do not even know what it is or what does it look like.

For you to understand it better, here is the flow of what we will tackle about uPVC roofing in the Philippines.

  • What is uPVC roofing?
  •  Is uPVC roofing any good?
  • uPVC Roofing’s Advantages
  • uPVC Roofing Suppliers in the Philippines

As the famous adage goes, “knowledge is always better than ignorance.” Take the time to know this roofing material, and see it for yourself!

What is uPVC roofing? 

As of today, construction companies and other roofing industries are considering uPVC because it is one of the most durable materials that are available in the country. uPVC, or also known as Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is a roofing material that is used in most countries, like the Philippines. According to Diffen, uPVC is a versatile material that can be manufactured in a variety of colors. Apart from that, uPVC roofs are widely used as the best solution to persistent problems, such as corrosion and scorching heat.

Is uPVC roofing any good?

Yes, it is. Just like PVC, uPVC roofing in the Philippines are good enough for your consideration. It has its advantages, which can be appropriate and suitable for what you need and desire. To know its benefits, please refer to the information written below.  

uPVC Roofing’s Advantages 

According to Redline, the use of Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC has grown enormously when it comes to its popularity in the past few years. It is now one of the most recommended materials for roofs by some companies.  


  • Durability – uPVC roofs are said to last for a decade or more. It is sturdy and resilient, like any other existing roofing materials. This roofing system does not rot, even if your house or building is located where extreme weather conditions happen from time to time.
  • Low Maintenance- according to Redline, uPVC roofs never rot, rust, flake, or fade. With that, you can use this roof without having to check it from time to time. uPVC roofs require no maintenance, which makes it very convenient and time-saving for people who have more important tasks to prioritize.
  • Secured- due to its resilience, uPVC roofs are very reliable when it comes to security. Its structure is known to be hard, which makes it extremely difficult to break through or destroy in case if something happens. Aside from doors, roofs should also be strong enough to provide you safety. Situations like robbery or other dangerous circumstances should be prevented as much as possible.
  • Insulation- uPVC roofs are formed to be a very competent insulator compared to other materials, such as aluminum. Apart from that, it is known to the best heat and energy insulation compared to others.
  • Cheap– According to Redline, uPVC roofs are actually the most affordable material after aluminum and timber. Apart from that, its low price is its best attraction. Filipinos, in particular, want stuff that is cheap but operational. With that, uPVC roofs are an excellent choice for you.

uPVC Roofing Suppliers in the Philippines 

  1. IMAC UPVC Roof Corporation – For more than 20 years, IMAC UPVC Roof Corporation is the major manufacturer of uPVC roofing sheets in the Philippines. Apart from that, they are committed to provide their customers with quality products and reliable services. They do this by understanding their needs and requirements at all times, no matter what happens. This company is known for its Extruded Rigid Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or most commonly known as the uPVC Thermoplastic Roofing Sheet.If you want to know more about the company and its offered products, you could visit them on its website, which is IMAC UPVC Roof Corporation.  Also, you could visit them directly at Unit D 7th Floor, 1388 Quezon Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines.IMAC is an affiliate of DN Steel, a company that is an expert in terms of long span roofing and insulation products in the Philippines. If you still want to know more about roofing materials, you could also visit its website at DN Steel Marketing, Inc. for more options to consider.
  1. Fairview Roof and Wall Distribution Inc. – For more than 15 years, Fairview Roof and Wall Distribution Inc. is a corporation that specializes in pre-painted, fabricated, and insulated roofingsiding, ceilings, andother related roofing products in the Philippines. This corporation is comprised of excellent engineers who are experts in all angles of roofing works.When it comes to uPVC roofing, they mainly offer uPVC Roofing Thermo Rib, uPVC Thermo Tile, uPVC Thermo Rib 1050, uPVC Thermo Tile 960, and uPVC Resin Roof.  If you want to know more about the company and its offered uPVC roofs, you could visit them on its website, which is Fairview Roof and Wall Distribution Inc. Also, you could visit them directly at Unit E Lenjul Realty Building, #17 Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines.
  1. Kawara – For nine solid years, Kawara has been a reliable roofing company in the Philippines. As a company, they are primarily focused on the importation and distribution of various roofing materials from the world’s leading manufacturers. Their objective is to offer the highest quality of materials that sets Kawara apart from its competitors.Kawara is indeed a one-stop-shop that offers a complete roofing line in the market with a variety of profiles, types, colors, and textures to meet your roofing needs and requirements. They mainly offer UPVC Corrugated Roofing Sheets at your service.If you want to know more about the company and its offered uPVC roof, you could visit them on its website, which is KAWARA, or visit them directly at 4th Floor, P&S Building, 717 Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, Philippines.

Sometimes, it is exciting to try something new. By purchasing something you have never bought before, it might surprise you of its benefits for the house you are trying to build. uPVC roofs might not be that popular, but it can also help you with its distinct functions and appearance. The companies, as mentioned above, can be of help to you at any moment.

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