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What are the Best Steel Companies in the Philippines?


“Steel remains an indispensable raw material used across all industries.” ―Pinoy Bisnes.

As a country, the Philippines has a broad range of businesses circulating from diverse existent regions every single day. Apart from selling highly-developed gadgets, clothing merchandise, foods with beverages, and furniture, Filipino entrepreneurs are known for supplying steels.

Since then, constructions are essential to humankind as it is the sole reason why buildings and homes are founded. Steel companies in the Philippines share that the construction industry is the primary user of steel, from small buildings to large enterprises. No one can hide the fact that steels are necessary for meeting the challenges of globalization. Do you know why? It is because of its tensile strength that helps humans to form sturdy building foundations, weapons, appliances, machines, and automobiles.

What is Steel? 

According to the Oxford Dictionary, steel is “a strong hard metal that is made of a mixture of iron and carbon.” Additionally, “steels are used for making things that need a strong structure like vehicles and buildings” ― Cambridge Dictionary.

Importance of Steel in the Philippines 

“Steel has enjoyed an important position in our lives and will continue to do so in the years to come” ― Sail.

In this age, steels are used for diverse purposes. To prove this fact, the Industry Government clarifies that “the Philippine iron and steel industry is a critical component in achieving inclusive economic growth and sustainable development. The industry provides necessary inputs for the construction of infrastructure, power generation and distribution, transportation facilities and vehicles, manufacturing machinery, and equipment.” 

The rapid development of the Philippines and the continual growth of the Southeast Asian regions has resulted in higher demands for iron and steel products. According to Sailsteel is by far the most important, multi-functional, and most adaptable of all the existent materials. If steels are not utilized, there won’t be any backbone for some of the most fundamental structures in a modern society like roadways and buildings. Therefore, we can conclude that steel is the future of Philippine industries.

Steel Companies in the Philippines 

There are numerous steel companies in the Philippines, but here are some to keep you posted:

  1. DN Steel Marketing, Inc. 

    DN Steel Marketing, Inc. is a well-experienced company in terms of “long-span roofing” and “various insulation products” for more than two decades. With its extensive experience for supplying, installation of roofing, and insulation materials, the company is recognized for its reliability and uncompromising service.Today, DN Steel is famously known for its own made quality material called “cleanlume” or galvalume as it gained such promising feedback from the industry. Additionally, the company has further introduced a more superior quality paint coating called “Silicone Modified Polyester” (SMP) and” Polyvinylidene Fluoride” (PVDF). These materials are premier paint finishes that are approved and proven to be more superior than ordinary paint coating.

    All in all, DN Steel provides its clients with quality products and excellent services that can satisfy their needs and requirements. Aside from maintaining a good quality management system, the company offers fair trade to the Filipino people ever since it was founded. If you are in a rush, DN Steel can deliver your requirements in just a week without defects. They also have nationwide branches that can be of help to you at any moment.

  1. Steel Asia

    Steel Asia is the “flagship steel company of the Philippines”as it provides the country with world-class steel products and dependable services locally and internationally. The company innovates its products to conform to the needs and demands of its customers through time. Moreover, Steel Asia is considered as the largest manufacturer of rebar in the Philippines.
  1. Steel Centre Philippines, Inc. 

    Since 1989, Steel Centre Philippines, Inc. has been in commercial operations that commit to offering more excellent products and reliable services to its local and international consumers. Moreover, the company has a strong presence in the Philippines as they have experience in steel fabrication for more than decades.

  1. AMSTEEL Structures, Inc. 

    AMSTEEL Structures, Inc. is a company that specializes in structural steelworks, including architectural design, detailing, conceptualization, fabricating, painting, and installation. As a company, they always aim to achieve total customer satisfaction through compliance, and by continuously improving their quality, people, processes, and technology every day.

  1. ESC Steel Philippines Inc.ESC Steel Philippines Inc. is an expert when it comes to “steel pilling.”As a company, ESC has been producing and designing sheet piles since the late 1980s until it expanded to tubular pipes/mono-piles, tie rod systems, and structural steel throughout the years.
  2. Sonic Steel Industries Inc.Sonic Steel Industries Inc. is known for being the “largest Galvanizing Company in the Philippines.”As a company, they continuously adapt the technology of the Americans, Germans, and Japanese to ensure the quality of their products. They always attempt to learn and appreciate the new forms of technology to sufficiently improve their products to internationally accepted standards.

    For years, their products have earned the trust of countless engineers and architects throughout the country. Aside from the Philippines, they also engage in international markets such as the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

These are just a few examples of steel companies in the Philippines to help you with any of your metal requirements. Each company has its advantage and services from one another. Additionally, all of them have their share of expertise when it comes to steel that can be of help to you.

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