Walk-in Freezer Safety Measures in the Philippines

Accidents arise, even inside a walk-in freezer in the Philippines. Yet in health guidelines, much can be stopped by adopting some quick and safe recommendations.

You and your staff will work comfortably in and around your walk-in refrigerator or freezer, with your mind at peace, following these guidelines.

Keep Things Dry.

Spills can cause unintended falls and may end in injuries to the employee. The build-up of ice will even dissolve and create puddles where workers will drop in. Scrape away any ice that builds up to make surfaces less likely to cause injury. Floor squeegees should be used to channel accumulated water through walk-in drains, such that damp floors should clear. Furthermore, encourage any employee to wear rubber-soled shoes that help reduce slipping and falling chances.

Regularly Check Safety Releases on Doors.

New walk-in chillers and freezers come on doors with protective releases to reduce the possibility of unintended trapping. Employees trapped in a walk-in cooler are at danger of hypothermia or even death, because temperatures will fall colder than zero. Verify the protection releases are reviewed periodically to ensure sure they are functioning properly. Employees are often encouraged to use a buddy program and be more vigilant while reaching the walk-in.

Keep Your Walk-in Unit Clean.

Cleaning your walk-in refrigeration systems regularly decreases the risk of buildup of mold or fungus. Mold contamination may cause symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and other issues with the sinus.

Don’t Overload Shelves.

Not only does an overpacked freezer become less effective but under the excess weight, overflowing shelves will collapse. Employees can have product products dropping on top of them as shelves split or crash. Most racks have a fixed weight and should not be exceeded. Through keeping your walk-in coordinated, secure your inventory and your staff and don’t load it to reach.

Offer Employees Jackets, Hats, And Gloves.

Cold weather clothes should be kept in the area of the walk-in closet, and workers should reach them quickly. Wearing these clothing and shoes decreases the workers’ chance of movement issues, so they would feel more relaxed when operating within the walk-in facility.

By taking the aforementioned procedures, the likelihood of collisions and injuries connected with your walk-in cooler will be considerably minimized. Day-to-day activities will operate more efficiently and the workers at their place of work would feel happier.

Keep these in mind when you have a walk-in freezer in the Philippines. If you’re just looking into installing one, contact us today!

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