Where Can You Find the Best Construction Materials Supplier in the Philippines?

Are you looking for the best construction materials supplier in the Philippines? If yes, then have you considered checking our page for your reference? At DN Group of Companies, we have the best batch of suppliers in the county. Whatever it is that you need concerning construction materials, we have it for you.

If anyone’s interested in trying our suppliers, kindly read the following information below to know them well.


After more than 20 years, DN STEEL has made its name for being a significant manufacturing outfit catering to the construction industry. At present, it still resumes its commitment to refine its craft in this trade.

Construction Materials of DN Steel:

  • Pre-painted Long Span Metal Roofing
  • Asphalt and Metal Shingles
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Stone-coated Metal Shingles
  • Spanflex Ceiling
  • Various Insulation
  • Spandrel and Ceiling System

IMAC uPVC Roof Corp.

The unique features of IMAC are the reason why it is best recommended in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, it is known for being satisfactory in terms of manufacturing and chemical processing plant, industrial factories, seaside structures, warehouses, and agricultural farms in the country.

Construction Material of IMAC uPVC Roof Corp.

Thermoplastic uPvc Roofing

JEA STEEL Industries

JEA STEEL Industries, Inc. is an ISO certified Filipino-owned company in the country. It engages in manufacturing world-class light gauge steel profiles for drywall partitions and ceiling assemblies, T-runners, hat-type & c-purlins, and steel door jambs.

For twenty-two years, the company develops premium quality products that are attuned to the needs of the buyers.

Construction Materials of JEA STEEL Industries

  • JEA-MAXX Light Steel Frames
  • JFK Metal System (for ceiling & partition)
  • JAMECA Aluminum Ceiling Panel
  • CMT Suspended Ceiling System
  • Jastin Steel Door
  • Jhamba Single & Double Rabbet Steel Door Frames
  • JEASPAN C-Purlins
  • JEA SPAN 45 Hat Type Purlin
  • Maxiwall Cast-on-site Wall System

Architecks Metal Systems, Inc.

Architecks Metal Systems, Inc. is a duly licensed corporation that manufactures and distributes patented structural STEEL DECKING materials. It is also one of the leading companies in ALUMINUM COMPOSITE MATERIALS in the Philippines.

Construction Materials of Architecks Metal Systems, Inc.

  • Steel Deck / Metal Deck / Floor Decking
  • Aluminum Composite Panel / ACP
  • LC & LZ GI Purlins / Purlins / Pre Engineered Bldg. Systems’

Ultra Insulated Panel

Ultra Insulated Panel provides Filipinos a creative and cost-efficient material to beat the heat. Manufactured using Polyisocyanurate core insulation, their prouducts block water, and moisture, which keeps rooms, commercial, residential, or industrial cool even under high temperatures.

Construction Materials of Ultra Insulated Panel

  • Pre-insulated Roof and Wall
  • PIR / PU Insulation
  • Cold Storage
  • Polyurethane Insulation
  • Refrigeration Systems

DYD Refrigeration Systems Inc.

With DYD Refrigeration Systems Inc., you can keep all fruits and vegetables fresh and cold all the time. DYD Refrigeration products utilize polyurethane foam as core material for better water and moisture proofing – maintaining freshness and coolness always.

Construction Materials of DYD Refrigeration Systems Inc.

  • Walk-in chiller
  • Freezer
  • Cold rooms
  • Anterooms
  • Warehouses

DN Distributions Center

The DN Distributions Center was first organized back in 2005 in Cebu City. It strives to cater to the construction and building requirements of the Filipinos in the Visayas region.

Construction Materials of DN Distributions Center

  • Pre-painted long span roofing
  • Thermoplastic roofing
  • Steel decking
  • Aluminum composite panel
  • C and Z-type purlins
  • Pre-insulated sandwich roof and walls
  • Cold storage systems

DN Joint Ventures

The DN Joint Ventures is providing various parts of the country with quality construction products and services.

Construction Materials of DN Joint Ventures

  • Pre-painted long span roofing
  • Thermoplastic roofing
  • Steel decking
  • Aluminum composite panel
  • C and Z-type purlins
  • Pre-insulated sandwich roof and walls
  • Cold storage systems


With all the suppliers of construction materials above, what more can you ask for? At DN Group of Companies, we will provide your needs concerning roofing and MORE.

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