What Are the Common Metal Roofing Prices in the Philippines?

Here’s our guide on the standard metal roofing prices in the Philippines! You can find plenty of suggestions and information on metal roofing all over our website. Some of the costliest housing renovation measures is repairing the roof of a house.

Nevertheless, if the roof is not repaired, the expense of restoring the house would be much more costly. When the homeowner is aware that roof maintenance is required, they can explore the various roofing styles.

Metal roofing is becoming more prevalent, and although the rates are still three times higher than traditional asphalt roofing costs, some customers deem metal roofing as the preferable option for them.

While prices vary, for residential metal roofing, you can expect to pay anywhere from PHP 400 to PHP 600 per square meter. As for linear meter, rates are usually at PHP 200 to PHP 400. You can also get roof ventilators as a set for as low as PHP 1,500.

Such existing costs include but are not for building supplies. A metal roof is made of tiles or parts of metal and is chosen by specific customers because of its lightweight and sturdy design. For concrete ceilings, products such as aluminum, brass, zinc, and stainless steel are used.

At the lowest level, metal roofing panels can last from 20 to 30 years, almost twice longer than a conventional asphalt roof. Some steel roofing is coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy, which provides a lifetime of up to 100 years for the roof.

Many metal roofing equipment has guarantees varying from 25 to 50 years. Resistance to water, storm, flame sparks, and fire makes for metal roofs a preferable option to asphalt.

Eco-friendly customers need to buy a new boiler and start using concrete roofing because it can be recycled. It is easy to find copper and aluminum roofing products with recycled content of over 95%.

The construction of a recycled aluminum roof needs just 5% of the energy used to create a new aluminum roof. Many people believe that higher roofing costs for the metal in itself. Metal roofs are very energy-intensive, in addition to having minimal or no upkeep.

Coatings with high reflectivity block off the sun’s heat, commonly reducing air conditioning costs by 20-30%. This is the reason why these roofs are used in many climes with high temperatures, especially in the Philippines. Differences in temperature can cause noise on curved surfaces of the roofing, but these are usually not noticeable.

The metal roof may be applied to an existing home over the existing roof. The price of metal roofing in the Philippines is reduced because the homeowner does not need to have the current roofing material removed, which is a time-consuming and often costly project.

Metal’s lightweight design makes it conveniently compact, thereby rising shipping costs. When used for new buildings, metal roofs are ordered by the bit, cutting down for excess material and enabling to cut the sheets to exact lengths.

Another explanation of why costs for metal roofing are higher is that the supplies cost more to produce. There is a very professional presence in the construction process. Installers must have special qualifications and have been qualified, especially for the type of metal roofing material in operation. It requires a lot of hours of hard labor to build a metal roof than it does with an asphalt roof. Construction of a metal-made roof requires two or three times longer.

For all the available roofing products, a metal roof would have the lowest lifetime expense, as long as it is correctly constructed. The metal roof can, in some situations, outlast the building it is covering. When homeowners go to sell their house, they can request a better amount, because the buyer would never have to repair the roof.

One aspect a lot of people don’t recognize is the total expense of repairing their roofs. For the most favorable situations, an asphalt roof will last for 15 years until leaks arise. It will incur extra costs if a roofer is employed to repair the roof. It may be only a few years before the roof begins leaking again.

The homeowner will want to purchase an affordable roof that would hopefully last for 15 years. When lived in the house for over 30 years, two roof replacements are likely.

Metal roofing prices in the Philippines compensate for variables such as the material cost and the time and energy taken to build the roof. Since the costs are mostly three times those of an asphalt roof, they rival against tile and cedar. Since metal roofs will last a lifetime, are immune to several factors, and need minimal to no repair, some buyers believe that the added cost is justified.

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