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What Do You Need to Know about Thermoplastic Roofing in the Philippines?


In today’s time, new roofing materials are being introduced for you to choose from. Gone are the days when the ordinary materials, such as metals, wood, clays, and glass were the only ones that are utilized by households and companies. Nowadays, thermoplastic roofing in the Philippines is becoming popular for flat roofs of any architectural style. Do you know why? It is because thermoplastic roofing has a lot of built-in benefits, but the majority is not even aware of it.

For those who are not familiar with the term, thermoplastic roofing can be best recognized for its appearance and functionality.

Before you purchase a roofing material, here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. What type of roofing material is it? 
  2. Is the material good enough for me to buy? 
  3. What are the Pros and Cons of this material? 
  4. What is its price? Am I financially capable of buying it? 
  5. What are the possible problems with this roofing material?

To guide you with this kind of roofing material, here are a few basic facts that you need to know before purchasing a thermoplastic polyolefin roof. It is best to know something first before buying to avoid having problems in the long run. With roofs, you have to be careful with what you buy as it is a significant aspect of your house or building.

What is Thermoplastic Roofing?

According to Jurin RoofingTPO or also known as Thermoplastic Polyolefin, is a type of single-ply roofing membrane. This type of roof is mainly utilized for house and building owners who want a high-quality heat welded roofing system. The reason is that they want to protect the inside of their house against heat at all times. Additionally, this type of roofing material is commonly applied for commercial and industrial roofing applications.

Are Thermoplastic Roofs Good?

Yes, they are. Are you aware that each roofing material is unique and appropriate for any architectural style? For instance, fiberglass is the perfect material for flat roofing and pitched roofs. Another example would be Piano & Stonewood Metal Shingles. According to DN Group, these roofing materials are ideally suited for your home, vacation houses, and resorts. Do you realize it? Apart from these two examples, thermoplastic roofs are also useful because it has numerous benefits for you to appreciate. According to Jurin Roofing, thermoplastic roofing is known for being best suited on flat roofs. 

Pros & Cons of Thermoplastic Roofing


When it comes to giving your roof system a whole new makeover, it is an excellent idea to reconsider thermoplastic roofs as a possible solution. Aside from being grease resistant, TPO roofing is a viable option for both house and business owners. Its advantages include its price, durability, energy efficiency, availability of colors, and longevity.

  • Price– thermoplastic roofing is said to be inexpensive compared to other roofing materials. With that, you can save more money because of its affordability.
  • Durability– thermoplastic polyolefin is a type of rubber-plastic material. It has been modified to provide better flexibility and impact resistance. With that, it is designed for roofing durability. According to Improve Net, “TPO is a type of rubber that provides superior water protection, cold-weather flexibility, and resistance from any impact.” It can likewise survive tears, punctures, and other damages as well.
  • Energy Efficiency– according to RNC Group, TPO roofing produces significant savings on cooling fees, which is good for the environment. It can attract many homeowners because of its energy efficiency. By installing thermoplastic roofing, it enables you to be as comfortable as you can be as it keeps the indoor temperature during the hot season.
  • Availability of Colors- thermoplastic roofing is not that available in a variety of colors. However, if you are the kind of person who is more on the monochromatic side, then this type of roofing is perfect for you. You can choose between light colors, such as white and light gray, or a dark color, which is pure black.
  • Longevity– thermoplastic roofs are said to last for 15 to 20 years. Its average lifespan is similar to other single-ply roofs, like Ethylene Propene Diene Monomer and Polyvinyl Chloride.


It is common knowledge that no roofing material is perfect. With that, one of the disadvantages of thermoplastic roofing is its installation. Typically, homeowners and building owners need a group of professionals to ensure that the material is installed as correctly as possible. Sometimes, the installation process is more costly than the actual material. However, it is still best to consult with a group of professionals concerning the matter. The installation price might be pricey, but this roof is environmentally-friendly and can guarantee you several benefits in the long run. We all know that there are still lots of suitable roofing materials out there that are cheaper than TPO. It is alright to consider other choices, but those materials do not offer the durability that a thermoplastic polyolefin can provide.

What is better, Thermoplastic, or PVC?

All roofing materials are exceptional and distinct from one another. By knowing which roofing material is the better one, the answer is that both of them are just as great as the other. According to ProBLOG, manufacturers have been investing heavily in TPO, but PVC remains as a practical alternative as of today. It serves as proof that both roofing materials are as unique as the other when it comes to their usage and benefits. In terms of weather conditions, thermoplastic roofing is clearly the superior one over PVC. However, PVC has a better chemical resistance compared to TPO. With that, each of them has its advantage, which is still helpful and beneficial for anyone, so there is no need to rank them.

Although there are plenty of roofing materials in the Philippines, you can still go out of the ordinary to try something new. There are new and enhanced materials for you to try on, so do not hesitate to discover some more. Some of those materials might even give you the advantage and benefits you desire when it comes to your dream house. Thermoplastic roofing might not be that “popular” in the Philippines, but it is still one of the right choices to consider.

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