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What Do You Need to Know about Steel Decks in the Philippines?


For years, the construction industry has been using all kinds of materials to make every infrastructure to be as sturdy as it can be. One of these materials is what they call a “steel deck.” As time passes by, the application of steel deck has been utilized in various sectors of any construction. Aside from being used in skyscrapers and residential structures, they are now present when it comes to commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and so much more.

In today’s time, not everyone is well-informed when it comes to construction subject matters like roof decks or roofs in general. The majority only notice that roofs are the ones that cover such houses and buildings, but they do not know anything about it. In this post, we will discuss several information about Steel Decks in the Philippines. For you to have a better grasp of what the topic is all about, here is the flow of what we will cover:  

  • What is a Steel Deck?
  • What Are the Available Thickness Measurements for Steel Decks in the Philippines?
  • Steel Deck Suppliers in the Philippines

What is a Steel Deck?

According to Architecks, steel deck is a cold formed corrugated steel sheet that is supported by steel joists or beams. Apart from that, it is used to support the concrete or insulating membrane of a roof. Altogether, steel roofs were developed to provide a structurally, efficient product for roof and floor systems. Even though it is a structural component for constructions, its uniform quality offers an attractive appearance from time to time.  

What Are the Available Thickness Measurements for Steel Decks in the Philippines? 

According to Alpha Steel, multiple kinds of steel decks are available in the Philippines. Apart from that, each steel deck has a different level of thickness and design from one another. Some of the available thicknesses are 0.80mm, 1.00mm, 1.20mm, 1.30mm, 1.40mm, 1.50mm, 1.60mm, and so on. According to Ideal Roofing, the thickness of the steel core is selected to accommodate individual structural requirements. If you want to know more about which millimeter should be bought, you could visit some of the steel deck suppliers in the Philippines. You could also ask your inquiries online to avoid confusion and wrong decisions in the process. Some of the existent steel deck suppliers in the country are mentioned below.

Steel Deck Suppliers in the Philippines 

As days pass by, a more extensive range of structural and architectural deck products and systems are being created. With that, the more choices there are for your desired roofing or flooring. If you are planning on purchasing a steel deck, here are some of the existing steel suppliers in the Philippines for you to choose from.

  1. Architecks Metal Systems, Inc.– If you are currently looking or will look for a steel deck supplier in the Philippines, Architecks Metal Systems, Inc. is an excellent choice to consider. It is one of the affiliates of the DN Steel Group of Companies, a trusted partner of many architects, contractors, and engineers in the building industry.Architecks Metal Systems, Inc. is a duly licensed corporation that manufactures and distributes patented structural steel decking materials to its customers since 1995. They always prioritize Product IntegrityCost Efficiency, and Dedication to Service. All in all, it is considered as one of the leading metal deck manufacturers and pioneers concerning aluminum cladding materials and structural purlins. In fact, they have plenty of offered steel deck materials that are high in quality. They also know the methods of correct installation to guarantee your safety.

    If you want to know more about them and their offered steel decking materials, you could visit its website at Architecks Metal Systems, Inc. Also, you could visit them directly at Unit 5A, 5th Floor, DN Corporate Center, Quezon Ave. Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines.

  1. Jacinto Color Steel Inc.– As a company, Jacinto Color Steel Inc. is considered as a pioneer in the Philippine steel industry for more than five decades. With that, it has been synonymous with quality roofing products and services ever since it was founded. When it comes to steel decks, they mainly offer “TufDeck 1000”, a state-of-the-art steel deck that delivers excellent durability and superior corrosion resistance. According to them, their offered steel deck product has no equal in terms of strength and durability.If you want to know more about them and its offered steel deck product, you could visit its website at Jacinto Color Steel Inc. Also, you could visit them directly at Jacinto Compound, Km. 21 Quirino Highway Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines.

These two steel deck providers are both reliable in the Philippines. They will offer you high-quality products that not only meet but also exceed your expectations. Even if there are still more of these providers out there, these two know how to prioritize their clients by giving them what they want. Trusting one of them can help you in whatever inquiry you have concerning steel decks or roofs in general.

Through the years, steel decks have become a solid material when it comes to structural purposes. In fact, it has been receiving excellent feedback from construction industries ever since it was used. In today’s time, a lot of people use it because of its exceptional durability, unbeatable strength, flexible design, safe construction, and so on. Apart from those, steel decks are economical, long-lasting, and an easy-to-install option for builders all around the world. It is also proven that steel decks can be visually attractive when left in its raw form. With that, you can have a flooring and roofing system that has the maximum efficiency of steel, but can also look beautiful at the same time.

Provided with the information mentioned above, you should also see why industries use steel decks for construction purposes, especially for roofs and floors. Acquire one and see the advantages that come with it for your benefit.

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