6 Roof Materials To Stylize Your Home in the Philippines

Your roof is the fundamental piece of your home—it shields the house from sun, downpour, and other unforgiving components all things considered. Regardless of whether you are working without any preparation or just re-roofing, it is essential to know which material is the best for the style of your home, the climate and condition, and your financial plan.


All things considered, it’s a significant venture, and you would prefer not to wind up experiencing it again in the coming years.


Best Roof Materials in the Philippines


Make a point to purchase the right roofing materials in the Philippines, so we hope the list below can help you:


  1. Asphalt Composition Shingles


This roofing material is one of the most usually utilized because it is exceptionally affordable. Asphalt shingles are likewise sturdy and easy to install. These arrive in a wide assortment of hues and styles that can work with numerous building styles, particularly conventional rural styles.

Contingent upon the nature of the materials and support, this type generally last as long as 30 years. Asphalt shingles look incredible on American-style or country style homes.


  1. Slate Roofing


Albeit one of the costliest kinds of roofing material, slates are sturdy. They can offer a great deal of excellence and polish to the outside of your home. This also comes in different colors and styles, and furthermore, needs little upkeep.


Light and earth-hued slates also help in diminishing the heat consumed by your space because of its naturally reflective properties—making it ideal for homes in regions with a hotter climate. Slate roofing material looks stunning on tropical-style or resort homes.


There is an engineered, yet nearly realistic looking slate tile accessible locally in the Philippines.


  1. Metal Roofing


One of the most popular roofing materials in the Philippines is that metal roofs have a more extended life expectancy and are more water-resistant. This kind of material is also low maintenance, lightweight, all the eco-friendlier, and above all—is sold at a reasonable price.

Installation requires a contractor with experience installing a metal roofing material. Pick long-span roofing material for best outcomes and less risk of leaks. Metal material works out in the right way for practically any house style, and steel rooftops come in any shading.


  1. Wood Shingles


If you prefer a rustic or provincial style for your house exterior, this is the roofing material for you. These shingles (also known as wood shakes) are likewise sturdy and can keep going for three to five decades. Be that as it may, it’s not fitting to use on fire-prone and extremely dry regions, except if the shingles are treated with a heatproof covering.


  1. Concrete and Clay Tiles


If you need to add texture to your roof, you may pick among concrete and clay tiles—best for Mediterranean-style homes. The two materials are very tough and durable yet costly. These are heavy, so a strong foundation is required for load-bearing.


On account of the roof’s rustic pattern and gritty shading, clay and terracotta type tiles work out positively for Filipino-style home structures, just as Mediterranean-style houses.


  1. Palm Thatch or Nipa Thatch


One of the earliest roofing materials in the Philippines, roof thatching, is the technique for building a roof by weaving together and covering with dry vegetation such as straw, and in tropical nations, palm fronds.


This roofing material can be seen locally in nipa huts or the bahay kubo and is the ideal material for rural Filipino seashore houses.


The main risk of utilizing this roofing material is that the material is exceptionally combustible, so it is ideal to use artificial palm thatch instead, made out of flame-resistant PVC.


Additionally, DN STEEL ROOF MATERIAL PHILIPPINES offers quality roofing material known as CLEANLUME. It added to its credit the first pre-painted version of this aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel sheet, “COLORLUME.”


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