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What Are the Advantages of Using Pre-Painted Long Span Metal Roofing in the Philippines?


Since Filipinos need roofs for their houses, roofing businesses in the Philippines strive to sell different kinds as possible. They sell roofs of various styles, designs, colors, and so on for the customers. At times, people differ with their preferences upon buying one for their homes. With that, the roofs’ variation makes them glad because they can choose from a diversity of options. One of these kinds is the pre-painted long-span metal roofing.

According to The Spruce, the presence and use of metal roofing have now entered the mainstream. Apart from that, this roof has become a reliable option for nearly all homes since then. Gone are the days when people just use the typical materials for their roofs, such as wood, clay, and tiles.

Today, metal roofing is increasingly found everywhere, thanks to increasing availability and improved manufacturing processes. With each passing day, various materials are being applied to make any roof as uniquely as possible. As a result, pre-painted long-span metal roofs were developed as an option.

What Is a Long Span Roofing?

According to Designing Buildings, long-span roofs are roofs that exceed 12 meters in span, unlike the other products. Also, long-span roofs can create flexible, column-free internal spaces, and can reduce substructure costs.

Furthermore, long-span roofs are commonly found in a wide range of building types, such as factories, schools, agricultural buildings, arenas, and more. As mentioned by Sheehan Inc., it is called “long-span” because it has the most extended (widest) coverage for a roof.

Can You Install Pre-Painted Long Span Metal Roofing by Yourself?

Yes, you can. However, it is best to consult professionals to save more time instead of doing everything. At times, letting the experts manage the installment is better because they can do it correctly without causing any complications.

Even so, you could still install it by yourself if you want. Before you begin, measure the length, width, and section of your roof to avoid repeating everything. Once you’ve done that, you can proceed to the next step or ask someone who knows how to assure everything.

According to The Spruce, make sure to consult local building codes before having a metal roof installed. If you are not sure whether to do it by yourself or not, we can help you with this matter. At DN Steel, they offer installation to their clients at any moment. If you are interested or if you have any questions, please do contact us to assist you.

What Are the Advantages of Using Pre-Painted Long Span Metal Roofing in the Philippines? 

According to experts, pre-painted long-span metal roofing is better than the standard roofing. With that, kindly refer to the information below to see why.

Here are the five advantages of using pre-painted long-span metal roofing in the Philippines.

  1. Pre-painted long-span metal roofing resists corrosion better than unpainted GI sheet roofing. If you’re looking for a roof, the pre-painted ones are more beneficial to use to prevent specific problems like rust.
  2. Pre-painted roofing products last up to 15 years. Can you imagine how convenient it is for your house or any other building to have this material? With that, having one can save you more time and money in the long run concerning your roof matters.
  3. Through the years, leaks are becoming a problem for homeowners because of its disturbance. With that, you need roofs that function excellently against this matter. According to Solid Ace, pre-painted long-span metal roofing performs better when it comes to leaks. With that, you don’t have to worry anymore.
  4. Pre-painted long-span metal roofing is affordable and excellent in quality. In the Philippines, this roofing is cheap compared to other products. Apart from that, it is easy to make by just painting the GI sheet roofing.
  5. This roofing material is easy to install and manage, unlike the others.

With these advantages, we do hope that you appreciate this roofing material and will give it a chance as possible. Although there are hundreds of roofs in the Philippines, the pre-painted long-span metal roofing is as good as the others. Obtain one and see its benefit for yourself.  

Does DN Group of Companies Offer Pre-Painted Long Span Metal Roofing in the Philippines?

Yes, we do. In fact, we have DN Steel Roofing that is perfect for this matter. If you want to know more about them, kindly refer to the information below.

Through the years, DN Steel has been offering its customers with various roofing materials. One of them is the pre-painted long-span metal roofing. If you are interested in this company, the complete list of DN Steel’s product line is listed below. 

DN Steel’s Product Line: 

  • Pre-painted Long Span Metal Roofing
  • Asphalt and Metal Shingles
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Stone-coated Metal Shingles
  • Spanflex Ceiling
  • Various Insulation
  • Spandrel and Ceiling System
  • Tile Roof
  • Concealed and Seamed Profiles
  • Standard Roof Profiles: Straight and Curved

These products are all obtainable to anyone at any time. When it comes to quality, we can assure you that these are all beneficial and effective for its owners. Apart from that, these materials are also reasonably priced compared to others.

Whenever you need one, kindly contact them at any moment for your roofing needs and requirements. Likewise, you could visit them personally if you have any time to spare.

In conclusion, pre-painted long-span metal roofing has numerous benefits to its owners. At first, you would think that it is only a roof with color on top, but it is not. Luckily, it is available in the Philippines at any moment.

Through the years, roofs have been improving with their appearance and usage. In fact, they have their advantage from one another as they are distinctly arranged for different types of architectural forms. Each roofing material is ideally suitable for any house, building, resort home, and more, so kindly identify its benefits before purchasing.

Whether you prefer pre-painted long-span roofing or not, having a roof is your decision to make.

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