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Why Asphalt and Metal Shingles in the Philippines are Favored by Home Builders & Contractors?

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Through the years, homeowners prefer distinct roofing materials for their roofs. Some of us look into the appearance. The others try to look for its durability and price. And the rest are basing their decision on the material.

Nonetheless, choosing a roof is a personal choice. Whatever is it that you want, it’s your judgment to make.

However, if you are looking for something worth the shot, you should try to consider metal and asphalt shingles that are available in the Philippines. These two might be new to your hearing, but they offer numerous benefits that you’ll love.

Have you ever considered having these materials for your roof? If not, here are some of the details for you to check out to appreciate it.



Reasons Why Home Builders and Contractors favor Asphalt Shingles in the Philippines:

Aside from the Philippines, asphalt shingles are widely used throughout the U.S. and Canada. With that, you can assume that this material is vital as an option for your roofs. With its great value, it also makes them an attractive choice for roofing contractors and home builders.

According to Home Advisor, here are the reasons why home builders and contractors prefer asphalt shingles compared to others.

  • Desirability

Asphalt Shingles have a variety of colors to choose from. Also, there are numerous textures that are available that will complement your home’s overall appearance. Lastly, it has several options for weight, patterns, and sizes, which are all necessary to enhance your house in the best way possible.

  • Affordable

If the price is your main concern, then asphalt shingles are the ones for you. This roofing material is very accessible; that is why homeowners and contractors love it in the Philippines. Although it is inexpensive, its quality will not disappoint you.

  • Lower Labor Cost

Asphalt Shingles are said to be the cheapest material to install. In fact, it only costs $2,000 to $10,000 when it comes to its installation and materials.

Apart from that, you can install asphalt shingles without removing the old roofing. In that way, you could spend less because you are not required to remove the installed ones. Lastly, asphalt shingles are lightweight and easy to work with compared to other materials that are too heavy to process.

  • Convenience

Asphalt Shingles are a convenient choice for a variety of establishments. In fact, it is the best type of roofing material for residential, vacation houses, resorts, and other applications.

In addition, Certain Need mentioned that asphalt shingles are a perfect roofing material as it can protect homes with minimal upkeep.

As a whole, asphalt shingles are affordable roofing materials with excellent quality. Whenever you need one, there are hundreds of companies in the Philippines that sell it at any moment.



Reasons Why Home Builders and Contractors favor Metal Shingles in the Philippines:

metal shingle roof

Aside from asphalt, metal shingles are just as excellent!

Thanks to technology, more and more roofing materials are enhanced to complement your homes in the best way possible. While there is wood, clay, glass, and more, metal shingles are also favored by most people.  Here are some of the things you need to know about it. Check out the following information:

  • Durability/ Longevity

Metal shingles have a longer lifespan compared to others. The reason for that is because metals are a durable material that can last for a long time. In fact, almost all metal roofs last for 50 years or longer due to this property.

If you’re not going to be in your home for a long time, then just obtain something temporary. However, if you’re staying much longer, then a metal shingle should be the one for you.

  • Good Looks

According to Metal Roof, metals are unmatched when it comes to their good looks, safety, and resilience. In addition, metal shingles have a set of beautiful styles to match any home or neighborhood.

  • Convenient for Thermal Purposes

According to Forbes, metal shingles are formed with an airspace between the metal and the roof deck. As a result, the airspace acts as a thermal break to stop the conductive flow of heat from the surface.

  • Permanence

According to Swit Metal Roofing, metal shingles are permanent. This material is robust, energy-efficient, and elegant. With that, it won’t break down over time. In general, metal shingles deliver a permanent roof that you’ll never have to replace.

As a whole, metal shingles are reliable and convenient for all homeowners. Although it is a little bit expensive, it is better to invest in something worth having. As mentioned by Swit Metal Roofing, metal shingles are unmatched with what it can offer.


Where to Find Metal and Asphalt Shingles in the Philippines? 

If you are interested in obtaining metal or asphalt shingles for your house, it is available in the Philippines for the Filipinos.

At DN Steel, they offer metal and asphalt shingles for their customers at any moment. In fact, they have a variety of options for you to choose from.

Attached below is the list of their offered shingles that are all excellent in quality.

asphalt and metal shingle philippines

Whenever you are interested, give us a call to assist you at any moment. Also, you could visit our branch directly to see the product on hand.

Aside from these types of shingles, we also have other quality materials that are worth the shot. We’re present to answer all of your concerns and provide you with several options to protect and enhance your homes. We look forward to your visit!

In conclusion, both metal and asphalt shingles give a lot of advantages to everyone. Asphalts are outstanding material, and metals are ideal because of their durability and recyclability. With those features, these two are certain to complement your house in the best ways possible.

Are you planning on staying in your home for a long time? Then you have to purchase roofs that are worthy of buying. Although it is not prioritized as much as the others, it’s still a critical deliberation to make.

If your house roof is well-made, you will be delighted whenever you see it as you get home. Nothing else can compare to the feeling of being content based on how extraordinary your house looks like.

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